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The disposable razor conundrum

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Environmentally Conscious

A ‘wet shave’ with a quality disposable or cartridge razor is considered by many to be the best and closest shave that there is. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the razors are being used in a maximally efficient way - or even close to it. There is one simple method - the denim method -that doubled the lifespan of my razors with a negligible amount of effort upon using the correct type of very heavy 100% cotton denim. This "denim method" is the basis of The Whet Towel; it supplies you with the perfect denim in a handy and convenient form factor.


It’s just a good deal

I believe in this product because it satisfies some hard to fill criteria.

1. Financially beneficial: The whet towel will pay for itself in a few short months by cutting razor purchasing frequency in half.

2. Eco-friendly: The phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle" is written in that order for a reason. Reduce is king. The Whet Towel was born of a desire to reduce. 

3. Quality improvement: The Whet Towel doesn’t "reduce" by stretching a supply or via some other annoying limiting strategy. Consider the electric car that trades performance for fuel efficiency - a noble trade-off don‘t get us wrong. But it certainly isn’t ideal. The Whet Towel on the contrary reduces waste *and* improves the quality of your shave. A true win-win Scenario.

4. Convenience - Using half as many razors implies 50% less chance of waking up before work and realizing you forgot to pick-up razors.

5. One-time purchase - we aren’t sending you crap on a schedule in order to grow our revenue. We’re old-school like that. Maybe our product allows you to only need razor re-fills every other month. Some companies are not going to be happy about that - can you guess which ones?

Hint: they rhyme with Millete, Collar Dave Shlub, and Garry's Blazers.

Back to point number 2 for a second. Let's consider the 'disposable' part of  'disposable razors.'  Kind of a convenient name if you are selling those razors huh? I mean even a normal, nice, and environmentally conscious person like yourself probably won't bother considering how to take care of a 'disposable' item. Pretty clever of them, but in like a super lame tricky kind of a way. Ready for this now unsurprising fact? So TWO BILLION disposable and cartridge razors are thrown away every in the US alone. We can simply do better... it's not even too hard. Don't Be Disposable is our product tagline over here at Whet Towels. It's just the more responsible and thoughtful way to live life.

ps. I can't say for sure, but the Earth very very likely agrees with the notion above, and since the Earth is like kind of our planet for the foreseeable future, maybe we can do right by it? 


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